The nursery staff plan the daily, weekly and termly activities carefully and thoroughly to meet the needs and interests of all the children who attend the setting.  We generally have a half termly area of interest that gives a flavour to the displays and some of the activities.  Children are offered a wide range of experiences and activities, both inside and outside, throughout the year. Each day, activities and learning experiences that cover all the Areas of Learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)* are set out and accessible to all children. The resources and activities reflect the needs and interests of the children and are flexible to adapt to changing circumstances. Children are encouraged to take part in the decision making and planning and can ask for resources and equipment that are not out that day. Through play, investigations and linking up with others the children are able to extend their skills and knowledge in a fun, colourful and stimulating environment.

Information about areas of interest, activities and how you can support your child is on view in the front entrance on the Parent Partnership notice board.

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Display Table Themes

Children are invited to bring things from home for the themed display table. We have a ‘show and tell’ session each day to look at these items and to award stickers for children who have contributed to the display.

During this whole group session we learn voice and letter sounds, counting and numbers. We learn and practise them through songs, rhymes and games.

We use the ‘Letters and Sounds’ scheme which continues through most local primary schools. To find out more about ‘Letters and Sounds’ visit …

The themes generally run for two weeks

In the Autumn Term image

Display Table Voice sounds letter sound number      shape
Wks 1 & 2 red Whee! r 1 and 2       circle
Wks 3 & 4 blue boing boing b 2 and 3     triangle
Wks 4 & 5 yellow shshshsh y 3 and 4     square
Wks 6 & 7 Diwali/autumn chchchchch d 4 and 5   hexagon
Wks 8 & 9 orange oh + ooooo o 5 and 6         oval
Wks 10 & 11 brown zzzz + moo i 6 and 7       heart
Wk 12 shiny things ssssssss s 7 and 8    diamond
Wks 13 & 14 Christmas tick tock t 9 and 10        star

In the Spring Term image

display rhyming words letter sounds number   shape
Wks 1 & 2 purple wig, pig, dig etc

f and p

2 and 4 circle
Wks 3 & 4 green red, bed, head etc

g and l

3 and 6 square
Wks 5 & 6 pink sink, pink, drink etc

a and z

4 and 8 hexagon
Wks 7 & 8 spots blue, shoe, you etc

k c and w

5 and 10 star
Wks 8 & 10 grey band, hand, sand etc

e and h

1,2,3 heart
Wks 11 & 12 Easter cat, hat, mat etc

m and j

1,2,3,4 rectangle

In the Summer Term image

Display Table playing with words letter sound number
Wks 1 & 2 black and white counting syllables n and qu 1,2,3,4,5
Wks 3 & 4 our favourite colours counting syllables u and x 1 – 10
Wks 5 & 6 stripes rhymes and poems all sounds 1 – 10
Wks 7 & 8 patterns rhymes and poems all sounds 1 – 10
Wks 9 & 10 shapes the alphabet all sounds 1 – 20
Wks 11 & 12 Leaver’s display the alphabet all sounds 1 – 20

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