Re: Nursery fees from September 2017

The Committee of Rickmansworth Nursery School may increase the fees at the beginning of the school year each September. This year they have decided to maintain the hourly rate at £6.00.


All children who are over three qualify for the Government funding of 15 hours free each nursery week. This funding becomes available in the term after the child’s 3rd birthday. Children born in April qualify in the September after they turn three.

The funded 15 hours can be made up from half days, full days and mornings plus the lunch hour.   Any extra hours will be charged at the following rates:

· Fee per 3 hour session = £18.00 (£6.00 per hour).

· The Lunch Club hour is charged at the current hourly rate.

Additional funding

You can apply now for the spring term 2018 (deadline 20th December 2017)

From September 2017 Hertfordshire County Council are offering 15 additional funded hours to eligible families. To see if this applies to you please look at their website for the current eligibility criteria. You will be advised on how to apply for this extra funding. We are able to offer 12 of the 15 hours to eligible families.

Rickmansworth Nursery School is a registered charity and run by a voluntary committee. It does not aim to make a profit and any excess is spent on the Nursery.


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